Making waves-doing the right thing

​We put the fun back in fishing...

In today’s outdoor world of 50k bass boats, three dollars per gallon gas and electronic gadgets galore it is refreshing to step back and discover the options. Yes, 100k investors in bass tournaments and million buck sponsors are on TV with glamorous events; however what is out there for the grass root blue collar family that just loves the outdoors and enjoys a little friendly competition close to home that protects the enviroment and the fishing resource. This gal or guy doesn’t pretend to endorse the expensive the big spending approach to fishing as these anglers grew up fishing off the bank or in small water craft that they did not have to take a second mortgage on their house to afford the payments. They grew up with a healthy respect for the outdoors and when hunting and fishing they lived with a great motto “If you kill it, eat it”.

Well, L. A. Leonard is one of these red neck caring people that offer something for the “Angler who cares”. As a former boat dealership owner, pro angler, Marine Corp photographic technician and car dealership manager, L.A. understands the retail market and the need to protect our fragile fishing resource and eco systems. Now, he wears many hats as an event promoter, seminar speaker, event director, lure manufacturer and outdoor clothing designer. As a Pro Angler, L.A. witnessed the total disregard for the survival of the species by so-called tournament directors and massive fish kills due to no aerated temperature controlled tanks, long weigh in procedures while fish are in oxygen deficient bags, transporting catches miles away in live wells out of oxygen, to many fish creel allowed in hot weather for survival and much more at the 1000’s of shade tree no tank weigh ins. CPR has ZERO IMPACT on the fishing industry as all fish are released immediately where caught after a quick snap shot! This is a real victory for survival of the species during the spawn.

Back in 1988 L. A. established the Lite Tackle Club, a conservation organization of bass and trout anglers, founded in Newport, N.C. Now known as the AWFA Fish One Network, the organization is holding events in four Southeastern states. Some of the group’s first include the only multi species angler group to offer affordable events for surf anglers, paddle boat anglers, aluminum boat anglers and power boat anglers divisions of competition with 100% of the entry fees returned to anglers at every event. AWFA membership starts at just 5 bucks.

The power of choice is the theme of the events which feature CPR (catch, photo and release) events in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. In today’s market of cell phones and digital cameras, CPR offers a simple and fish friendly format that assures no dead fish and care for the environment. From the Southeastern headquarters in Atlanta Georgia, the Fish One Network quietly goes about the business of protecting the fishing resource and providing ECO friendly formats that the grass roots angler can enjoy close to home when, where and for what species they loves to fish for. What’s not to like! All events are team events, two day weekend events and feature instant standings by cell phone. Sorry, no dog and pony show or dragging a fish around by the lower lip in front of a cheering crowd, just the quiet self-satisfaction that you did your part to protect the species and won a few bucks. Whether you are a salt or fresh water angler, the AWFA (all waters fishing association) offers events for you throughout the Southeast close to your honey holes. The CPR format offers Big Fish Calcutta’s, Big Pair and Slam only size matters competition and the team chooses the species to target. No tricky points system, no 5 AM blast off, no expensive traveling and no dead fish questionable weighing. Anglers can win Lowe Boats and Mercury Outboard rigs at the AWFA EXTREME FINAL. You will find the AWFA easy to find on the web with a dozen web sites and feature online secure entries to many annual events. Check out the ECO#1 brand of outdoor wear and artificial baits offered exclusively to AWFA members. Some of the group’s conservation efforts include CPR FISHING, RECYCLE FOR CLEAN WATER, PLEASE STOP PLASTIC DON’T ROT, LEAD FREE JIGS, ECO#1 UV WEAR AND SINGLE HOOK CRANK BAITS. 

Rest assured that the AWFA will continue “doing the right thing”. If you are a lady or guy angler who cares, contact us and join us in our conservation efforts. The AWFA will continue to “MAKE WAVES” doing the right thing for all the right reasons.
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