As a conservationist and true sportsman who cares about our Eco system, fishing resource and environment, I really get amused at what has become the normal in today’s market.  Seems the line has become fuzzy between what is the right thing to do.

Growing up in south Florida I became appalled at discussed at what the ol so called “developers” could get away with. Never will forget the day as a young lad I watched raw sewage drift by in what was once a crystal clear water. it was a blessing to sneak down to the river bank with a cane pole armed with live shrimp and catch Snook, which all disappeared as the water quality was destroyed. I decided I would develop a fishing organization that cared about the fragile environment in 1988, With fresh memories of how the Sugar industry back pumped oxygen deficient manufacturing residue chemicals into Lake Okeechobee, beer cans and plastic bottles lining the Everglades canal systems and a general apathetic attitude about filling in the Everglades for more development of so called “condos,” like we really needed more. Recently, the huge fish kill in the Indian River waterways due to some new strain of bacteria that has even been responsible for human deaths. News flash, nature is just reacting to years of uncontrolled development and ancient sewage laws with no long terms plans just million dollar profits for a select few...

Well, if you think it is time to start caring before it is too late, give the AWFA a try. Yes, we have tournaments; however, they feature “Zero Impact On The Fishing Recourse”. CPR, catch, photo and release, originally used for paddle boats is the only way to assure the fishing resource is protected. The continued abuse of fishing groups with weigh in procedures that incorporate highly questionable transporting of stressed out fish with elaborate dog and pony shows displaying anglers parading their catch around by the lower jaw. News flash, their respiratory system is designed by the creator to function properly horizontal not vertical which ruptures their internal organs. So, you take oxygen deficient live well, hours of punishment in a crowded live well and an angler that only cares about an EGO show off and you have a recipe for dead fish. On top of everything, the fish that suffer the most are the large females that insure the fishing future for your families. Note, tests have proven that five fish in a weigh in bag of water go into oxygen depletion shock in 15 minutes. Survival rate after going into shock is 10%. How long have you stood in line?


Granted the AWFA cannot stop the over development of our valuable and fragile Eco System; however, maybe we can get the attention of those in power to make laws to protect it better. A group of concerned citizens in the panhandle of Florida did by regulating building heights, zoning laws  and creating protected natural areas, so there is hope. Congrats!
As far as keeping human trash (plastic bottles, cans and lead) out of our environment, the AWFA promotes “Recycle for Clean Water”, a simple way to discard containers that never rot with "Please Stop-Plastic Don’t Rot”, another AWFA conservation effort. If you need more incentive to get involved, the AWFA pays back all entry fees and has a small membership fee to promote their conservation efforts. The AWFA also offers a full line of lead free figs for AWFA members only as well as UV protective wear under the ECO#1 AWFA brand. The small proceeds from these products are used to promote the fore mentioned conservation efforts.

L.A.Leonard, founder of the All Waters Fishing Assoc. invites you to join us, if you care?